Connecticut Escort Review

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Connecticut escorts review is an independent unbiased publisher of escort agencies and independent providers in CT...  We are a group of 4 affluent hobbyist who are always in search of that perfect encounter.  Over the last decade we have travelled extensively through out Connecticut to spend time with and find the perfect escorts CT has to offer.  We have been ripped off, lied to, and cheated more times then we can count.  Hence why we have developed this Connecticut escort review board.  As this site will allow us to share our experiences, recommendations, and most importantly the rip offs.  Please look at our rating scores below in which we have given each respective agency.  1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Below are the Connecticut Escort Reviews

Please be careful with this one guys. They get our absolute lowest rating.  Their isn't much to say here other than a woman will ask you to pay in advance through wire transfer.  No one will ever show up upon your selected time and date.  You will be out the money and time you invested.  We have received more negative complaints about this place than any other to date.