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Connecticut escorts review is an independent unbiased publisher of escort agencies and independent providers in CT...  We are a group of 4 affluent hobbyist who are always in search of that perfect encounter.  Over the last decade we have travelled extensively through out Connecticut to spend time with and find the perfect escorts CT has to offer.  We have been ripped off, lied to, and cheated more times then we can count.  Hence why we have developed this Connecticut escort review board.  As this site will allow us to share our experiences, recommendations, and most importantly the rip offs.  Please look at our rating scores below in which we have given each respective agency.  1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Below are the Connecticut Escort Reviews

Make A Date Now is a CT based escort  agency we have been following for a while now.  They seem to really dominate the market in the upscale sector.  It's one of the only places we have seen that actually show accurate depictions of the girls. If anything we have seen at times they actaully down play how attractive the staff really is.  We currently give them our highest rating, which is a 9.  They are highly conducive if looking for an escort at Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun.They are consistent, reliable, and superior when it comes to the quality of their models. Almost all of their staff have had prior professional modeling experience. Myself and my 3 partners all agree that the prettiest escorts in CT are going to come from this agency. The educational background doesn't quite matter as much to us but they also tend to offer models with superlative credentials, as far as education levels go, expect several to be ivy league educated.  The girls are extremely engaging, not over-worked,  and we don't believe they go from client to client, which is very rare.  None of the girls are pros or have any prior experience.  Operating primarily near both CT casinos, rates are very reasonable with their motto being, ''you get what you pay for''.    Booking process is easy, they do perform a one time screening process.  If I leave a message,  I  always get a call back promptly.  Their only down fall is they are not open late.  So you fellas that are leaving the pubs at 2am,  this place will not work for you.  They get our highest rating of 9 because of the abundance of members giving this out-fit exemplary reviews.  Time after time my team and I have seen ladies from this agency. 90% of the time they have model looks and a superior wild side that soars over the competition.  There are some good independents, but it's a hit or miss whether or not they will be on time, on drugs, drunk, or hustling for more money.  Contacting this place eliminates that worry.

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