Connecticut Escort Review


Guys don't fall for the "I can bring my sexy friend to".  This little trick is something so many of the escorts are using these days in their ads or when they make contact with you by phone.  Don't fall for it because it almost never works in your favor but instantly increases how much $$$ the girls get.  Just recently I even had an independent show up with two other girlfriends in addition to herself.  Yes, I just said two other without even asking me first!!  They said how bout all 3 of us come in at an additional rate.  The only problem was it looked like all three of these ladies had been taking appointment for the last 48 hours straight, so I had to decline.

Bait and Switch Issues

So, you decided to have some fun and order an escort. You check out the web sites, pick the lady you like, talk on the phone, arrange for a meeting and realize as soon as the girl arrives that the pictures you've been so impressed with date back about 15 years or that this a completely different girl all together! What's next? Spending your hard-earned cash for something you wouldn't even want for free is not an option! However, you are a nice person and telling someone to their face that they aren't exactly what you thought they would be is not that easy. Congratulations! You've just experienced a famous “bait and switch” operation very popular among independent escorts and low-class agencies that use stock photos of professional models in their ads.

By working with a reputable agency that offers satisfaction guarantee, you ensure the best possible experience. If for some reason you are not completely thrilled with an escort, all you have to do is call them and they'll send a replacement or provide a refund.

One interesting and important aspect of this is we completely understand that not always can the exact pic be used of the provider.  I have seen a plethora of escorts who are either beginning actress or professional models.  I can respect the fact that they do not want the exact image being made public on an escort site.  I have found that the more successful the companion is on the outside then the less chance of her showing her face or her exact body.  This is not a big issue as long as she is as hot or even hotter then the photo that is shown.  We have a 0 tolerance for outdated photos or ones that do not reflect the escort at all.